Thursday, August 25, 2011

My cat has a problem

Well,at least my  cat Mylo thinks he has a predicament..All the freaking time he feels the need to ask me to let him go outside. And by ask,I mean going to the nearest door and meowing loudly, jumping on the door and scratching. Oh,but that's not all. As we speak, he has come into my room, meowing. Not just 1 cute meow. Like 50 loud meows in a row. I thought he wanted me to pet him...nope. He'd jump on my bed,I'd pet him, and then he'd leave. 10 minutes later..he came in and did the same thing.As he exited the 2nd time, he stopped in the doorway, turned to me and meowed. Started walking again..stopped,looked at me again, and meowed.
I finally got the hint that he just wants me to let him outside. He clearly is using me for my body. And by that, I mean hes using me,the body in which walks over to open the door.
10 minutes later guess what? He wanted inside. After 5 minutes of being inside, he meowed for like 20 minutes wanting to go outside again. cat clearly has a problem.

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  1. haha...I love cats. They are ridiculous. We had two for about a year and every time we left or came home they ran to the door and tried to get outside...we never let them out though except for a few times...and as soon as we let them out they were pawing to get back inside. So indecisive :p


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